Reno’s stories – THE HALLWAY

The checkered floor is something I really LOVE about the hallway in my Belgian apartment.
I find that black & white tiles are so timeless. Yet, they take us back in time and give a real charming and historical sense to a home.
Be careful though! Black and white can easily feel ‘cold’ and I wanted warm it up so I played around with textures, wood and gold lines, to add softness and character.
This space ultimately, is the heart of the apartment as it literally is in the center of all other rooms. So why not give it a bit of sass?!!

So, first, I Painted the door in BLACK !!! Yep 😉 Because Black is not to be scared of. It gives that classy and elegant vibe I was looking for. Then, I went hunting for some vintage items, and some less vintage ones too.
Cherry on top, I added a few personal pieces to give that “very Axelle” personal touch.

Because decorating and designing your interior is ALL ABOUT making it YOURS. You don’t want guests to feel like they are in a magazine cover or in anyone else’s home. You want them to recognize your style. Here we go then; here is my style. And here is my hallway:



Hereunder, the inspirational board I started with:

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