Quietness, respect & positive energy

In the context of my renovations, I’m always on the hunt for inspiration and ideas.

So, here is a video I discovered and want to share with you; ‘Who is Axel Vervoordt’ World Famous Interior Designer to the Stars | Art of Style Documentary | M2M

Axel Vervoordt is a renown Belgian Art Dealer, an Interior designer and the Author of 5 books (‘Portraits of Interiors’, ‘Wabi Inspirations’, ‘Living with light’, ‘The story of a style’ & ‘Timeless Interiors’). He owns an art gallery in Belgium and is also a very spiritual man with an extensive knowledge.

‘Quietness, respect, positive energy : All these are important qualities in a home. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication & proportion is very important. I think a house should have different expressions. When architecture is too beautiful and too perfect, you don’t wanna put anything in it. In a house It’s good to have full rooms and empty rooms… it’s about balance. The house should belong to where it is. And then to the person who lives in it’ – Axel Vervoordt

In those unsettling times, I think it’s very important to sit back and take a moment to go inward, quietly.

There is no need to worry about what’s gonna happen next and get overwhelmed.

Remember that there is something to be learned in every situation.

Maybe this lockdown is all we need after all…

Chaos is all around us but it doesn’t have to be chaotic inside us.

Maybe it’s time We – humans- slow down for a while so the Planet Earth can breathe again. Maybe it’s time we start taking care of our homes, and ourselves…

Yes, everything is unsure … But isn’t it what LIFE is by definition ?

I believe that we can overcome this difficult time. Together, the can do this. Together, we can raise up the global energy to a higher frequency and start living more simply.

The 21st century for me, is the century of recuperation. There is no space anymore, no forest enough, no rocks enough to make new…I think we have to make new things with what exists already‘ – Axel Vervoordt

Take a moment to reflect on the value of living. How & where we live.

Respect the Earth. Respect yourself & others. Be positive. Everything is gonna be OK. It doesn’t matter how big the difficulty is, what matters is the way we react and handle it. Because We are all connected… between humans and mother Nature.
Remember to be grateful for what you have. It is enough. We have enough.

Take care,



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