1,2,3 Smile !

Hey you! YES … YOU !

Is it raining where you are ?
– well, it is here, for sure !

Is the sky grey and depressing today?
– It is here, too !

Are we all in lockdown due to a crazy virus travelling around and killing people ?
– YES !

Isn’t it completely surreal what’s happening in the world?
– Totally absurd !

So, Should I laugh about it ?
– My answer is YES !!!


Because 1. This is a unique and unprecedented situation. So, by definition, this should only happen once! And one day this will be OVER! And we will tell our grand grand children how we all became artists while stuck at home and also how we had to fight for toilet paper ! AND 2. what else do you wanna do ?

Is there anything better than a good laugh anyways ?!!!
And what’s more beautiful than a smiling woman ? Or a smiling man ? Or smiling babies ?!!!!

I find that smiling is VERY important. Laughing too of course, but that’s already next level. So let’s start with smiling for now… See where it takes us:

Did you know that smiling has amazing therapeutic properties for the body AND the mind ????!

Not only does it make you look beautiful (yes ! it’s proven ! ), it helps being convincing with others and succeed in life, it also reduces your stress level (I think we all need a bit of that at the moment!!!), by reducing your blood pressure, having a positive impact on your heart and immune system, which indirectly can expand your lifespan and cure diseases !!!

Ok, not all of that is scientifically proven… I was too lazy to actually back up with research today. BUT It is said that laughing is the best medicine! So Isn’t it worth the try? What have you got to loose?? And the beauty of it is that it is contagious … but the good kind of contagion !

So, next time you get to see yourself going down the rabbit hole with negative thinking… Be aware. Breathe in, breathe out and smile. A teeny tiny one is fine, or even just a smirk. Make an effort !

Look at yourself in the mirror, give yourself a nice compliment – you know, like ‘Hello gorgeous!’ – and smile. If you don’t feel it, fake it!

Or look at your dog/cat/pigeons in the street … Observe… There is ALWAYS something to smile about.

The first step is to get you in a relaxed state. Then, who knows what miracles can happen !!! You might just find an unexpected solution or simply realise it’s not worth your worry. Or Find yourself content and pretty positive after all.

‘A laugh is a smile that bursts’ ~ Mary H. Waldrip

To help you with that today, here comes a little selection of happy pictures.

Happy thoughts, happy life !



All photos from @Pinterest.

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