One day I decided to LIVE and GET LOST. To find out who I really am and what I am capable of.

Because Life is about expressing ourselves, doing what we love, pushing boundaries, opening new doors, travelling to unknown territories, taking risks, meeting people, opening our hearts and being vulnerable…

I do what I love 

This blog started when I decided to take over a shoe business.

When I saw the opportunity to combine my passion for shoes with my desire to write… I just jumped on it ! 

I’ve always been passionate about shoes. When I was 15, I remember my mum saying : ‘do you really need one full extra suitcase for your shoes ? We only go camping for a week ‘ (#desperationface) – Yep, that was me ! : The fancy camping girl.And of course like most toddlers around the age of 5 or so, I loved wearing my mum shoes. She had beautiful stilettos…

I’ve always loved writing too. But this is a challenge I gave myself: to write articles in English. Because French is my mother tongue but I want to improve my English.

Failure to launch

As it turns out, the shoe business didn’t last long and pretty much failed to launch … but hey! it’s okay ! lived and learned. Maybe it just wasn’t the right way to do it, or the right timing… 

So, I closed the business and decided to keep the blog. This is my personal challenge.

It’s not about doing things I know I can do. It’s about exploring things I don’t quite know yet If I’ll be able to do… And aim at doing it constantly … 

Diary of a lost girl

Along the way… I decided to rename the blog ‘diary of a lost girl’. The idea came from 2 different things. First, I got a very interesting tarot card reading experience, with postcards replacing the traditional tarot cards. One of them was this one.

It made sense to me as I had started writing this blog, which felt more like a diary. I thought I was really peeling of layers here, getting so personal sometimes that I wondered if you guys would start thinking how much of a lost girl I am !