It all started when I got the opportunity to take over a shoe business.

So when I saw the opportunity to combine my passion for shoes with my desire to write… I just jumped on it ! And here got created my first blog.

Just do what you love !

 I’ve always been passionate about shoes. When I was 15, I remember my mum saying : ‘do you really need one full extra suitcase for your shoes ? We only go camping for one week ‘ (#desperationface) – Yep, that was me ! : The fancy camping girl.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved writing too. But this is a challenge I gave myself: to write articles in English.

Because :

  1. French is my mother tongue. So it’s easier to get personal sometimes. But
  2. I live in Australia and want to improve my English.

So, please don’t be to harsh on the judgment if you find some little mistakes here and there… I promise I will do my best !!

Life is full of surprises !

As it turns out, the shoe business didn’t last long and pretty much failed to launch …

but hey! cheer up! it’s okay, live and learn 😉 Maybe it just wasn’t the right way to do it, or the right timing… I since got rid of the stock and decided to keep the blog open for those moments I feel like sharing some more personal moments with you. So, stay tuned !

Thanks for reading me.

With love, X