About me

Hi there !
Welcome to my blog.

My name is Axelle. I am a Belgian woman in my early thirties.
I was living abroad for about 7 years and recently came back to my home town Brussels.

After graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Event in 2008, I then travelled a lot (as we do when we are 20) and worked in various sectors such as fashion, language travels, Home decor, well-being,…
Back to school in 2014, I studied to become an Image Consultant and Beauty Therapist. I then worked in Spas, in beautiful luxurious Fashion & Interior retail stores, assisted Hair & Make-up artists on weddings, made flower bouquets with florists …
I kept myself busy !

The customer service has been my field of expertise throughout all my work & life experiences. I am a people person.

Keen learner, I’m always happy to enrich my life with extra knowledge, experience and skills ! I say yes to challenges and opportunities and a massive THANK YOU to all those who contributed to my evolution.
Now, more recently I also decided to top it all up with an extra skill: Interior Styling.
Currently studying 😉

I am an INTERIOR, FASHION, TRAVEL, BEAUTY, BOOK, PLANT & ART LOVER and was so lucky to gain experience in my most favourite fields. I also love shopping, decorating and tidying up closets and wardrobes. Sort of like Marie Kondo ! 😀

I believe in the power of Energies, Minimalism, Feng Shui, Wabi sabi & Positive thinking.

My words are KINDNESS and RESPECT and I aim at surrounding myself with people, energies and atmospheres that align with my values. I also enjoy sharing my passions and knowledge with others.

On that note and without further a due: I hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. This is a first so don’t expect Nobel priced articles… Just me sincerest self and desire to share with the world.

With love,