Lately, I came to understand that creativity is essential. It is not frivolous or superficial. It is not a waste of time. It certainly doesn’t require perfection. It is simply the highest purpose of all humanity. Let me explain.

Life is messy.

I sometimes wonder how I ended up here… doing what I do, or not doing things I thought I’d be doing… And, well, I don’t know. In fact, the more I know, the less I do !! There is a ton of questions without answers. Especially now…

But there are also a few things I realised since the isolation began.
Or maybe I should say it started a few months before that, as I had just entered a very chaotic chapter of my life.

Don’t take me wrong, I don’t mean ‘chaotic’ in a bad way. I think chaos is part of life. And part of our journey is to learn how to master the chaos. Outside. And within.

And I’m not complaining about what happened and the decisions I made – or sometimes didn’t make – What’s done, is done.

It just happened that I felt an urge to address some of my personal disatisfactions and to act on it, without any idea about ‘how to ?’ or ‘why ?’…

I just knew that something had to happen.

After all, It had been brewing and boiling for a while. I could feel it in my body. And then I understood that to find answers, I had to go on a very personal quest. I also knew deep in my core that it had to be related to creativity.

« The way we find our way in the world is by experimenting » –  Chase Jarvis

I’ve always been a very sensitive person. And with that comes a very deep sense of feeling and intuition. The problem is, I always try to explain it with my brain. But it doesn’t make sense because it’s not the same language. Worse than that: it disconnects me from my true (pure) essence.

Until recently, I had never thought of myself as a creative being.

I had been pretending for so many years that «  I wish I was but that I just wasn’t» while admiring all the talented creators around me.

Then my point of view slowly changed. I started opening my eyes and I was able to acknowledge that I was a dancer and that it was, in fact, my art.

I never thought I could make a living out of it, so I never really pushed it any further. But I realise that if I wanted to, I could.

“Everything is figureoutable” – Marie Forleo

Now, I can tell you that I love dancing so much and that it makes the world a happy place for me. I wouldn’t be myself without it. And when I take distance from it, I feel like a part of me is slowly perishing…
And in that sense, I know I’m an artist.

So why don’t I do more of it? – That’s a $10K question…

There is also my undeniable love for beauty, for clothes, for interior design, paintings, photography, filmography, pottery, sculpture, … etc… everything that art encompasses! I LOVE IT ALL !

So much on the table that it can get overwhelming !

So yes, I am aware of all that now. And I understand that I need to take baby steps and connect with that part of myself more than ever. Not just admiring, but truly expressing. That’s the ultimate goal.

« If you’re not creating something, you are probably destroying something, usually yourself or the people around you » – Elizabeth Gilbert

Now, I want to address this subject of art and creativity because, since we’re all stuck at home and have a lot more time on our hands, I believe that we all need a bit of comfort and happiness in our lives. I know I do. This is a tremendously unsettling time we’re going through, and I feel very blessed and grateful for every single lesson it teaches us.
I’m also aiming at finding comfort in the discomfort and navigating through this time as gracefully as possible.

As we all know, this too shall pass. It always does. Because life is impermanent. (Are you familiar with the buddhism principles ?)

I have to admit these days I sometimes do well, and often don’t !

I have my ‘OMG ! is this over yet ??’ moments ! I cry a lot. I start doing one thing, then loose interest, get bored, or totally distracted by a zillion other things I realise I can do too… it gets out of control, my sleep gets out of whack and …

Tadaaaam ! I now get to write an article about it to share my story, so you can relate too.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wanted to say to you… So many things! Yet sometimes it feels so little and not important, irrelevant, insignificant, meaningless… Yet, All this adjectives are the lies I’m telling myself to stop from creating.

And honestly I always try to be the best version of myself, but sometimes it irritates me to see myself go on the « I’ll share all the perfect rituals to do every day » track… It’s a dangerous one… lead by the little man in my head, AKA my ego.

That one is a very nasty little man… Although it’s coming from me, it doesn’t even resonate with me – AT ALL !!!

Because life is hard and I am NOT perfect ! And I do not succeed in being BALANCED and SUPER HAPPY every single day. Thankfully I do meditate… I don’t know what I would look like if I didn’t !!!

But also, I explore a lot these days! And that’s very good I think.

As much as it is weird and challenging… it pushes me out of my comfort zone, and stops my mind from over-thinking everything …

Exploring my creativity through this blog and all the other creative projects I currently do, I feel I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to do… Even though I have no idea where it’s taking me !

« Creativity is the human superpower » – Chase Jarvis

So, do I have answers to my questions yet ? No.
But do I feel a little less in distress : YES, I do. Because I understood one major thing in the process :

We’re all in this together. And as long as I allow myself to share and connect with others, I know I’m going to be OK. This is all OK. Because creativity is a way to connect. In and Out ! Of course, it’s work in progress and it implies VULNERABILITY…

So I can learn to be a little bit more loving towards myself. A little more indulgent. Have ‘Mercy’ and start embracing my creative journey.

« There is no creativity without vulnerability » – Brené Brown

A dear friend of mine wrote to me : « Let the bright light you generously share with others become a beaming light of guidance within you ». I must say ; my immediate thought was ‘yeah, it’s beautiful but it doesn’t count. She’s definitely biaised because she is my friend’.

Then it hit me : I’m always so hard on myself ! So judgemental !

But lately, as I’ve been reflecting a lot, I started understanding that I had a lot of extra work to do. It starts with learning to forgive myself. To be gentle with me. Learn to accept myself too, just as I am. Approve of me, my potential as well as of my flaws and imperfections.

After all, this is all part of the package. And no one is better or worse. We’re all just a big bowl of messy wires. The ones that you just wanna throw in the bin but decide to patiently untie the knots instead– …

I know creativity can help me. Or even better: it can guide me.

« Action over Intellect » – Chase Jarvis

So, I decided to enrol on to attend online courses and take my creative endeavours a step further. I couldn’t recommend it more !

It makes me experiment illustrations, drawings, painting, playing with pastels and sharpies, as well as learning tools like Adobe Illustrator and Indesign, learn about photography tricks, interior design, etc …

The beauty of all this is that the more I do, the more I enjoy doing! And I get to find pure moments of bliss and relaxation. It’s incredibly beneficial, meditative and transcendental…

« Creativity is a muscle. The more you use, the more you have. » – Chase Jarvis

These days, so many creative schools are popping all around and creativity is becoming very accessible. Take the examples of learning platforms such as, (co-founded by Chase Jarvis),… Famous influencer (/instagrammer/business woman/artist ) Sorelle Amore created an online course called “Advanced selfie university” (have a look here). And there is so much more to discover on Youtube… for free!

To make my point, I also recommend you to watch the 3 following videos:

  • “The #1 thing we get wrong about creativity”, great interview of Chase Jarvis, by Marie Forleo – here.
  • « Dearing greatly  to unlock  your creativity » with Brené Brown and Chase Jarvis – here
  • And last but not least, an interview of Elizabeth Gilbert, with Hanna Macinnes – here – about life, love and also creativity.

« When we create in small ways everyday, … we connect with this intuition and understanding that we have agency and creativity over our entire life »- Chase Jarvis

Personally, I’m more than ever convinced that creativity is necessary for all human beings, and that you don’t need to be perfect at it, as long as you enjoy the process.

And for the perfectionists out there, know this:

  1. you’re not alone
  2. perfection does not exist
  3. the bigger the volume of production – the better it is.
  4. people will always be judging … So let them judge ! meanwhile, go on and create.

 ‘Perfectionism is a disguise, it’s a terror ; it is fear in high heels and a main coat. It’s a lie that says there is a rent you have to pay to be allowed to be here… But you already got the part’ – Elizabeth Gilbert

So, be curious !  

Cooking, sewing, painting, drawing, singing, writing, doing photography, playing piano,… The choices are infinite. Even in isolation ! Now is the time to experiment and create.Whatever tickles your fancy, just do it!
And most importantly : HAVE FUN !

Happy creativity to you all !

Take care,




  1. I love this! It felt like I was reading my own words in this. Creativity is so important, and I am so happy to see that I am not the only one using this time where I can to be more creative and get back to what makes me super happy: drawing and dancing <3. I also looooove your line drawings, completely inspiring! Thanks so much for this post 🙂


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