The art of being yourself

I recently came across Caroline McHugh’s Tedx talk, about ‘the Art of being yourself’

It got me thinking.

Don’t we all – me included – spend waaaaay to much time on our phones and social media, searching for approvals, ‘likes’, and comparing ourselves to the more creative, more beautiful, more free, more famous, wealthier, and the list goes on… ?!

Humans by nature are social animals! We all need a sense of belonging, and recognition. Most of us feel the need to ‘fit in’. And at the same time, we all want to be unique, different, ‘special’. Yes, that’s how paradoxical humans are.

These days, I force myself to get a bit more disciplined with my phone. I allocate times for it, and times where I force myself to literally switch off. The thing is, I like my audio books and that app requires to be connected. So, hard to be in control at times… But excuses will always be there !

Don’t take me wrong, I love my phone. I am grateful for it. It has a camera and inspiring apps. Facebook is quite handy when it comes to connect, especially with long distance friends and family, or with groups and community. And I absolutely love Instagram when it comes to creativity! I find it is a source of inspiration. Although I sometimes get tempted to follow people I don’t even know… And end up wondering who they are ?! Realising they don’t always bring me joy or satisfaction. Others though, will give me a push, a strong desire to be a better person and they give me tools for that! That is the beautiful side of it. I’m grateful for that.

It is important to constantly come back to awareness and to NOT letting the EGO jump in and take over! ALWAYS!

Because the Ego likes ‘drama’ and will always try and sneak its nasty opinions in. When it does, kindly tell it to BACK OFF ! There is no need to compare yourself to anyone. We all are perfect the way we are.

And you know what? There is piece of pie for EVERYONE in this world!
May this be about money, ‘success’, business, happiness, love,… whatever you’re longing for and seeking: We all deserve what’s best for us.

But it all comes down to US to truly believe it. To work towards what we want. I mean, What we TRULY want. Not what our parents want, What society wants, What we think we should want…
To answer that question, ask yourself Who you really are!

Who Are You ?! Who am I ?!

Don’t we all kind of know… But not really ???!!!

The answer doesn’t come from comparing yourself… because then we always want what others want. we loose track of our true essence and desires. Shut down your chatty mind, appreciate what you have now and start from there. Connect with your inner child for a while.

Do you remember who you were as a kid? Especially before the age of 7, as said by Caroline McHugh. Do you remember being so excited about that activity or that interaction ?! What was it ? Do yourself a favour during this confinement, do a little digging, find pictures, ask your family…

When it comes to connect with the outside world: I couldn’t recommend you more to surround yourself with people you admire and love. People who support who you are, the way you are! They can inspire you and that can push you towards your goals.

The world is filled with amazing people. Interesting, creative, caring people. Befriend them !

Visualise. Allow yourself to dream, to want and to aspire to be the best version yourself.

I truly believe this time is what we are called for. CONNECT, In and Out.
and be TRUE TO WHO WE ARE, Unapologically.

Don’t forget, as long as your intentions are good and come from a loving place, there is no way you won’t get what you deserve. The Universe has your back.

Now, Keep your focus clear and move !

“ACTION over Intellect. ” – Chase Jarvis

Don’t overthink everything. Be in the moment, do what you love. Don’t just watch others living their lives, live yours… FULLY! This is the best advice I will give today. At least, It’s the one I give myself ! – God knows how easily distracted and defeated I sometimes get! –

BE you! DO you! And enjoy the ride… It is pretty awesome, even when it gets bumpy !!!

With love,


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