Reno’s stories – BLACK & WHITE

The checkered floor is something I really LOVE about the lobby in my Belgian apartment.
I find that black & white tiles are so classy & timeless. Yet, they take us back in time and give a real historical sense to a home.

While in quarantine, I’m doing some research to know how to decorate, paint and implement changes for a lovely welcoming feel.
Because black and white are neutrals and can easily feel ‘cold’, I want to play around with textures, golden accents, wood accessories & furnitures to add softness and … ‘make an entrance’ to my entrance – If you see what I mean ! 🙂

For now, here is a sneak peak to my latest finds in the OpShop ‘Troc à Dépôt‘ (MY HAPPY PLACE ❤ I’m Soooo lucky it is around the corner!!!)

This article is all about sharing my inspiration with you.
I’ll be keeping the suspense a little longer as for the final pictures of my apartment.

For now, just enjoy the ride… In black and white …



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