Relax … Unwind … and Sew!

Hey bonjour !

A few months ago, I started exploring and unraveling a side of me that I never really knew existed before: a CREATIVE one !

And I love saying that I AM now A CREATIVE BEING!
we all are actually, but sometimes we are just not in tune with that part of us.

So, to help me on my ‘creative quest’, I took a 5 week sewing course (for beginners) followed by a 2week intensive course in fashion design and tadam ! HAPPY ME !

I nurtured my soul ! Deeply!

And as a Yogi Tea bag quote said once: “a relaxed mind is a creative mind”.

So, it started with a lesson about how to use the sewing machine. Prepare the bobine, set the thread, become aware of the ‘dangers’, the to do’s and not to do’s (like the way you hold the fabric … actually you shouldn’t hold it but rather orientate it). We practiced on random cotton pieces to learn and control the pace.

Once we got the basics, we sewed a TOTE BAG.
Of course, You learn by making mistakes. the topstitching is not straight, you have doubts about the lining, the zip is a hard one too… but you get there and the more you do it, the proudest you get ! 🙂

Once the bag was done (and a little pouch too); it was time for the real deal: make a SKIRT.
Thankfully they give us the patterns.. because that would be a totally other course to do. All we had to do was take our measurements (waist, hips, length of your legs…), Adjust the pattern to your measures, trace lines on the fabrics, cut, iron (always iron! it goes hand in hand with the sewing), and start sewing. By the end, Invisible zips, buttons, lining, … have no more secrets ! The ‘découd-vite’ is your best friend, you know ironing goes hand in hand with sewing, the lady at the fabric shop knows your name, …

So, Of course you’re not an expert yet because that would take years and hundreds of hours of practice… But You do feel like you are ABLE to make something with your hands!!!!! and that is a delightful feeling 🙂

During this course, I got so excited that I started making my own little creations at home. Little pouches for the wedding of my friend, a pillow case, a clutch, … and alter every single imperfect garment I could find !

Then I decided to attend the 2 week intensive ‘stylisme’ course (aka ‘fashion design’ taught in a very very intensive way)
I learned the history of fashion, how the creative process goes, how to make a mood book, how to ‘get the juice flowing’ and let go of the mind limitations to push creativity further and beyond ‘logic’, explore embroidery and adornments … Imagine a silhouette and create it on a mannequin to understand the difficulties and tricks to solve them…

So, 2 weeks are WAYYYYY to short to conclude that I am now a fashion designer. It is far from true! This course even gave me a little feel of ‘not enough’ / ‘too much too quick’ … but I am happy I did it because it gave me an idea of what the studies look like to become a legit FASHION DESIGNER.

WUAW it is intense, highly creative and technical at the same time!
This might just be a pass-time for me …
However, I did enjoy the whole learning process and discovered an other side of me.

For my next course, I’m thinking of drawing lessons and/or pattern making!

If like me you get excited about sewing and/or creating clothes and accessories, here are a few links I discovered along the way:

The blogs & e-shops :
‘A pair & a Spare’ now ‘collective Gen’ : a classic! Geneva is such a gorgeous lady, she is also very creative and crafty! (EN) and shares with us her DYI’s
JoliLab: a ‘webzine’ about couture (FR)
Vanessa Pouzet: beautiful patterns & feminine creations
ElmStreetLife: where I found out how to make the nicest bow clutch (and then re-interpreted it my way)
Thecreativeblog: talking about fabrics and cute little creations

Youtube Channels:
Marion Blush. (FR)
Madalena Couture (FR)

And you, when did you get all arty crafty last ?
What makes your soul happy and alive ?



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