Dress LIKE you MEAN it

I recently watched Michaela Finley who presented  ‘Dress like you mean it’ at one of the TEDx Events… (I attach the link here in case you want to watch it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE8i4_J-kyY)

I found her presentation interesting and want to say well done ! At such a young age! (she’s only 17)

To paraphrase what was said there – and that is something that I 100% agree with and relate to: CLOTHES HAVE POWER. They affect people around you and affect yourself. They also enable you to become who you want..

There is even a term called Enclothed cognition to describe that phenomenon (= “describing the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes”) – I won’t develop the whole scientific experiment on which this term is based but it is a pretty interesting subject if you have a chance to read about it…

Think about it: a great outfit can make you feel fantastic ! Just as much as it can make you feel terrible ! And how uncomfortable it is when the outfit isn’t right.

The cut, the length, the colour, the stripes/prints, etc… it can either be good or so wrong !! And we all make mistakes. Even the most experienced of us. Sometimes we just need a little help or advice.

Of course, trends vary, fashion changes… and we do change too!

We all go through phases in life where we get confused. It’s either a transitional time at work, an age crisis, a relationship positioning , there are moments were we put on weight or loose weight, have hormonal imbalances, etc… And with all that come various questioning such as ‘do I want to look more professional? more sexy? younger ? older ? more fun ? attractive ? and so on…  and so on …

For some, it is such an important part of the day; Such a happy moment full of creativity and enjoyment. For others, it is complicated, tedious, and/or pointless.

Some really don’t care and it’s all fine… But it’s also good to keep in mind that an outfit can be your best ally or your worse enemy,

‘Dress like you mean it’ is a way to create awareness and inject will power (so POSITIVE ENERGY) into the way you look, the way you feel, the way you look at life, how you want to be part of it, the energy you put into yourself (= your SELF) etc… When you look good, you shine and radiate such wonderful energies. ‘Dressing like you mean it’ is already a step towards that goal. It is a way to set your mind in a positive mode and a preparation to the day ahead (and all the surprises it provides).

Even if it sounds completely superficial to some, it is actually much more than that to me (and I know that many of you will agree!)

Therefore, I want to say that: the art of dressing up is a spiritual endeavour. Understand me well: ‘Spiritual’ in the way that it nourishes your SELF…  your soul ❤

It is one thing to think positively, another to recite positive affirmations/mantras and yet another to really believe/feel them. And as I’m sure you know, it requires practice and training. Dressing up is the same…It is a daily practice. And even more to ‘dress like you mean it’ with your entire presence and awareness.  It sends positive messages to your mind, wonderful energies to your body and as a result, people around you can definitely perceive it !

I worked some time ago on a school project after studying Beauty Therapy and Image Consulting. The project consisted in working with a 27 y.o. woman (a friend of mine) using Image Consulting techniques such as Face and Body shapes study, Colorimetry, style analysis, …

What’s most important is that I never wanted or tried to change her but rather to understand her and respect her personality, listening to both psychological and practical needs…  It’s nothing like a makeover ! Image Consulting is an improvement, an empowerment of the person’s assets and beauties.

By the end of the experience, my friend was looking amazing ! It was a magical experience! I could feel and see the woman blooming and vibrating inside out. She then found a job after being unemployed for some time, and that was just the beginning of a series of positive events that happened then in her life.  I want to believe that my little ‘touch’ had something to do with it. Even if I’ll never know for sure. It was such a wonderful experience to witness someone’s personal growth and empowerment.

So please, think of that when you put on clothing and dress like you mean it. Do it for you. Your soul will thank you.












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