Board games


Hey there!

Lately I’m tempted to get the board games out… You know, for those crispy nights when we have friends over that we want to entertain (and make sure they have a good time and don’t wanna leave too soon 😉 )

Board games or bored games ?

I love board games! It reminds me of my youth and fun times with my family. Good board games can really help heating up the atmosphere and break the ice.

On the other hand, bad games (or inappropriate ones) could be a bit discouraging and/or freak the guests out. We don’t want them to think ‘oh no, we are invited again… let’s find an excuse not to go there … never again ! :-/…’

Okay let’s face it; Not everyone likes board games ! I understand that … Some will say it’s only for kids ! I don’t agree with that. We all are kids deep down anyways (Peter Pan is not a myth!)

Ok so games can sometimes be a bit intimidating ! But some games are really good fun !!

I used to play scrabble with my grandma’. It was such a nice moment to share with her (I suspect that she let me win at times!). We would play altogether with her friends sometimes. And honestly, I also enjoy playing scrabble alone too! (yes, I’m one of those freaks geeks with the scrabble app on their Iphone… and I’m not ashamed of it !haha). I’m not ashamed to say that some of the words I use are ones that I don’t remember the meaning of! Loooooove using them !

And just as much as I like scrabble, I like crosswords  (NERD ALERT)

But only the easy ones that I can solve within a pretty reasonable time because they make me feel clever! 🙂 (#good for your self esteem)

Do you know the  ‘Petit Bac’ : a French game that we used to play in primary school, where you pick a letter (for example R) and have to find words in the quickest deadline to beat the other participants (example: Animal-Rhinoceros,  Girl Name-Rosetta, Country-Rwanda, … etc). So easy to play anywhere at anytime as all you need is paper and pens…

Unfortunately, being away from home, I left all the board games behind … Monopoly, pictionary, trivial pursuit, time’s up, cranium, cluedo, …

So I am now in the hunt for good – cheap – ideas… Hit me up with your suggestions! let me know of your opinion.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos with one of my favourite pants (the prints!!!!!!!! I’m obsessed with the animal prints !) in my pretty pinky kitchen and blue (temporary) couch 😀

Cheers and stay warm !




Photo credits: Eric Pierre

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