Hi there!

I have a little confession to make : lately I feel dull !

I have never been overly clever (I mean IQ wise) But I’m not a stupid person either…
In fact, I’m quite educated, I went to school (and I was pretty good at it!), I studied many subjects, never failed, had good grades, I had different jobs from which I got various knowledge and acquired experience, I travelled a fair bit, volunteered,  so I can say I’ve had a pretty interesting life so far… I also like reading and asking questions, learning etc… and yet, today I feel so completely brainless !

I learned so many things and probably know more than I think I do… But  I also have the syndrome of a passive knowledge!
My question here : is it a temporary feeling? Like the weather, the routine, the workload, … Is this it? Am I decaying … ???!!!

Do you guys have an opinion about that? Is it true that from the age of 30 we actually regress ?

Maybe it’s time for me to initiate some changes in my life? Maybe time to learn something new…

Anyways, feelings come and go and I hope this one will be gone soon.

Thankfully the sun is shining and I enjoyed  getting dressed for the occasion! Yes! because LIFE in itself is an occasion!




Photos credits : Sylvie Signoret

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