Top: Sack’s – Pants: Neuw – Shoes: Lokas – Bag: IKKS – Sunnies: Epokhe

Hi there!

I have a little confession to make : lately I feel dull ! I have never been overly clever … but nor totally stupid. I’m educated, I went to school (and I was pretty good at it!), I studied many subjects, never failed, had good grades, after finishing school I had different jobs from which I got various knowledge and acquired experience, I travelled a fair bit, volunteered,  I like reading and asking questions and yet… today I feel so completely brainless.

I learned so many things and yet, I maybe remember half of it ! I have the syndrome of a passive knowledge… And I don’t know if it’s a temporary feeling, if it’s the weather, the routine, the work overload, the language, … It looks like my brain doesn’t retain information anymore, like if my hard drive is full and I am – sadly – decaying …

Do you guys have an opinion about that? Is it true that from the age of 30 we actually regress ? Am I a freak who is addicted to studies and find any reason to go back to school?

Anyways, feelings come and go and I’m sure that, just like seasons, it will be gone soon. When I feel a little low, I love to get the classic blue jeans + white shirt combo out ! It doesn’t make me smarter but definitely lifts me up… Especially with these pretty camel boots !! (#thank you fashion for bringing happiness in my dull life)




Photos credits : Sylvie Signoret

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