A ‘prune’ is the french word for PLUM.

Just like in English, a ‘prune’ is a fruit; It is also used to describe a dark purple colour.

So prune is the colour I use to describe the boots I’m wearing today!

Now, like in every language, words can sometimes be used in a different context, as in expressions. For example:

  • ‘Se prendre une prune’ –> meaning: Get fined/get a fine.
  • ‘Compter pour des prunes’ –> meaning: be worth nothing

I love expressions. They mean so much and so little at the same time. Take the ‘prune’ and replace it with ‘amande’ (=almond) in the first sentence. Replace the ‘prunes’ by ‘cacahuètes’ (peanuts) in the second example, and it all means the same !!!!

I love plums. I love the colour and I love the fruit. Just as much as I love peanuts and almonds! mmmh now that makes the perfect fruit salad!




Photo credits: Eric Pierre

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