Into the wild


I am a city girl !

I LOVE the city life: the energy, the dynamic, the variety of activities, the tons of cafés and restaurants and…  the SHOPPING!!! ❤

When you are spontaneous, the city sounds like the perfect place to live in. I mean; you can easily decide last minute to catch up with your friends, jump into the Uber/closest tram/bus/train or all other options that present themselves to you, discover the latest restaurant offering delicious cuisine in the buzziest area, lift your head and admire the architecture (old houses and churches <3), browse around pop-up stores, go see an exhibition, watch an extravagant show, subscribe to an unexpected workshop, attend dance classes, and so on …

Yes, that’s what the city life is for: live your life at a thousand miles an hour… EXCITING NO???!!!

But in the last few years, I’ve been drawn to a simpler and healthier lifestyle…

For sure I miss all the above mentioned aspects. Sometimes, I feel like if a part of myself is a little empty now… And of course I miss my friends and family big time!

But I don’t miss the traffic, the pollution, the dirt, the stress, the peer pressure, the constant presence of media (and baaaaaad ! very very bad news!), the lack of safety in the streets …

So I decided to change and move to a smaller town.

I gave a go to the ocean life. Far from the compulsive consumption…  It felt pretty good in the wallet! And really… No much to complain about ! Almost like the sticker says  ‘my life is better than your holidays’… After a while, you even get used to the ‘sand in bed’ situation !

Then, a month ago, We moved to the countryside and now I enjoy the ‘into the wild’ experience ! I LOVE it!!!

It is quiet and peaceful. You wave at your neighbours when driving past – and at the cows and chickens if you are like me -. Sure you plan a tad more (ex: for the meals over a week time … no more going last minute to the closest supermarket), you move a little less (so good to be home!!!#lazy ass me!!!!), and you feel warm and cosy under the triple layered blanket in Winter (because no it’s not a myth: it’s definitely much cooler in the country)

Above all, You slow down, listen to the birds singing, become aware of the environment around you, and soooo grateful for being alive and healthy,  … it is MAGICAL !

I’m not saying that I am immune to bugs and insects yet! but, well, I am getting better at dealing with intruders (AKA spiders) in my bedroom  living room garden … Getting there slowly … we’ll see next Summer when snakes wake up from hibernation !

So, for now, you can call  me Jane !

Ps: being in nature shouldn’t stop you for showing off you your lovely pair of shoes !




Photo credits: Eric Pierre

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