Foot cleavage


Ay, caramba! Here come the stilettos !

There’s one thing I have to tell you about these shoes: they totally remind me of my mum when I was about 5. She was always wearing the nicest heels and pointy toes ! And, like most girls at that age, I was slipping into them like if they were mine and walking around the house with those huge shoes on my feet…  My first catwalk ! (#nostalgic)

– ps: I wanna have a baby girl … JUST FOR THAT ! –

Now, I want to confess something else: When I put these beauties on, I was very confused by the ‘foot cleavage’ ?! You know; the obvious separation lines between the toes … Maybe I felt like it was too much … ? almost provocative !

BUT THEN I started wearing them for the purpose of this photo shoot. And OMG … something happened … Something magical… I suddenly felt like the sexiest woman on Earth. I didn’t want to take them off !!!

So, here is to the foot cleavage ! Here is to the women who want to be sexy !

And you ladies, what do you think about the foot cleavage ?


Photos credits: Sylvie & Axelle

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