Minimalist romantic


Top: Sports girl – pants: Seeds – Shoes: gaimo ‘toro’

Minimalist & romantic: These are probably the terms that suit me best to describe my outfit today.

I love simplicity, clean designs, geometrical shapes (including asymmetry) and neutral colours such as black, white, beige and grey… (even though I funk it all up with a flashy pink or yellow sometimes … but that’s another story)

And with that, I like to add a little ‘romantic’ touch – such as this white off-shoulders top, the heart shaped sunnies and the black espadrilles with a big bow  … It’s almost like a poem… It tells a story and It’s all about the art of being subtle !

Because too much ‘frou-frou’ kills the ‘frou-frou’ (= French word for ‘frills’)… But we all need a bit of craziness (and that includes quirkiness) in our lives !

I hope you’ll like that too.





Photo credits: Alice Lefebvre

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