I recently came across the #Ineverexpire campaign from SKII and it got me thinking !

So I wanted to talk to you about it and more specifically, about the big 30.

I entered the 30 age group in December last year and can honestly say that it was a bit hard for me !

So, because it’s your birthday, you think it will be fun ! After all, it’s the occasion to celebrate, an other reason to receive gifts and get spoiled but … hum… this one is a bit hard to swallow ! Some will tell you : ‘believe me, this is when I started being really happy !’ … ‘accomplished’, … ‘became a mother’ … We all see it differently…

All I know is that I was having a massive melt down for my birthday ! I started freaking out 1month before the date and frankly, quite some time after …

The surroundings

Inevitably, all you see is pictures of your friends with their kids and/or babies. Every single one of them !! It’s all around us, all over Facebook and Instagram…

What about the others ? the rare exceptions without kids ? well, for sure they got married and/or have an amazing career … (not saying it’s true but that’s all you can see then when in the middle of your 3.0. crisis).

Oh ! not forgetting about the very long lasting important ex-boyfriend that announces he’s getting married. Oh I’m soooo happy for him, I really and sincerely am!! But hum… it’s always a surprise ! And it kind of reminds you of the fact that you were not the one 😉

Then, there’s the appearance of grey hair!

IMG_E4259I used to think I’ld have so much time before that day arrives ! Especially if you’re lucky to be blond ! but … hum, hello ! here is one ! oh no, sorry my bad, I meant two GREY HAIR !

Either you discover it just as you happen to be at work or you spot it in the fitting room while shopping with your friends… for sure It ruins your shopping session and your day all at once !

And the sky suddenly looked so grey, too…

Imperfect skin

Oh but being older should solve all the blemishes and breakouts that you’ve been dealing with since you are a teenager, no ?!

Oops, that’s right, that was a LIE !!!!! And I can tell you, if you have hormonal imbalances or a damaged liver, you can use as many creams as you like, it doesn’t make things easy !

Imperfect body

I have to admit I’m pretty lucky on that one so far.  I used to weight 16 extra kilos during my 20’s and I’m finally back to my perfect weight now. But for sure, 30 is the age that the muscle and skin tone aren’t the same anymore and apart from sports and healthy diet, there is no much more we can do to reduce the impact of ageing …

Imperfect life

As said before, you look around and you start comparing yourself : no kids, no husband, no ‘stable’ career, no achievement !!!! … far far away from the social expectations and/or peer pressure…

Myself I have been abroad for some time – not long enough to call it home though – and only those in that situation know how hard it can be to deal with visas and all expenses related. They all believe that you are living the dream because you moved to a remote country with beautiful beaches and 300 sunny days per year but hey ! life is hard for everyone and even more when you are by yourself in a foreign country !

So, for sure there was no much time to actually focus on the baby/family thing and the career hasn’t quite been the expected success…

Yep, harsh realisation that turning 30 does not rhyme with ‘perfection’!

But hey ! what is perfection ?!

Maybe you just don’t want to be like everyone else ! Maybe you don’t wanna have kids or a committed ‘relationship’ or a ‘career’ and that is very fine !

And even if you do but you just haven’t found the right time (or the right man, or the right place etc…) …  it’s okay !

Who said that it was being imperfect ?!

Let’s just stop looking around for a moment and let’s just focus on our own achievements.

… Let’s enjoy being perfectly imperfect …

Maybe moving to a foreign country by yourself, becoming a barista, driving a car on the other side of the road, living in a sharehouse, learning a foreign language or a new qualification is a big deal for you! and an achievement by itself ! YOUR own achievements.

Isn’t that amazing and fulfilling when you just focus on the bright side ?!

It’s easier for you… you look so young !

Most people think that it’s good for you to be perceived as a 20 y.o. when you are 30. But I can tell you it IS NOT AT ALL ! I heard this comment so many times already and that doesn’t really get any better over time…

Honestly, very few people understand but when you look younger, it’s hard to be taken seriously.

You can be good at your job and professional but, darling, you look young… so not so ‘trustworthy’ ! (or ‘experienced’ enough) hum … And that, my friends, leads to a ‘ I always need to do better’ attitude…

Not so easy to let go, but it is a daily practice ! 🙂

And you know what? whether you look older or younger, whether you do or don’t have grey hair, have a perfect skin or an imperfect body… WE ALL DESERVE the RIGHT to be HAPPY ! Turning 30 does not make us perfect but it teaches us to LET GO of all the worries about our self-appearance …

Yes my friends, we live only once on this planet  (longer if you believe in reincarnation ! oops)… SO LET’S JUST MAKE THE MOST OF IT ! ❤

And you How was your big 3.0. celebration ?



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  1. Turning 30 is the new 20,no need to focus on a number or on your body looks. we all aged and look differently as we grow up we are like fruits. We look feel and taste in different ways like a fruit salad and we all look after each other as much as we can.so don’t worry about how you rippe my little pineapple you taste sweeter and sweeter day by day and keep in mind that me the little strawberry will stay by your side for us to be the best fruit salad ever!!!

    “It’s all about the feelings”
    “Stay on the bright side and stay positive”


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