Beach glamorous

IMG_E3001Hat: Stanton Australia – Pareo: op-shop in Melbourne  – Bikini top: Eve Swim – Bag: Gioseppo – Shoes: Chitae by Gioseppo

Hey hey!

And Happy Friday to you all !

So happy to see the sun coming back after a pretty (crappy) rainy week!

Now, let me introduce you the Chitae sandals, by Gioseppo.

Definitely my favourites of all ❤

I find them absolutely perfect: feminine, comfy, easy to slip-on (for the laziest like me). They stretch just as needed but don’t get too loose. They are cute and girly…

I personally love to wear them when coming back from the beach to go grab an ice-cream…(nom nom nom)

But also when getting dressed for work, it fits really nicely with my little denim dress or any type of pants.

Now, the bad news is: I only have the size 37 left, in each colour (white and pink)

The good news is:  if you prefer sandals with a buckle to close; have a look at the ‘Nambi’ sandals. I have more sizes of that one and they are evenly cute !

PS: I know, you wonder when you will be able to buy all these beautiful shoes… Just a tiny bit more patience girls ! I will be back very soon with a surprise … So keep an eye on the blog and Instagram and you will be rewarded 🙂


Photos Credits: Sylvie Signoret

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