BB mate !

Just a few words about Byron Bay because this is where I live.

Actually, these are mostly pictures because they speak by themselves.

I discovered Byron Bay in 2012 and I immediately fell in love. From that moment, I knew I would be back !

There is something magnetic about this place ! Powerful energies… (some say healing energies).

And just like chocolate ; as soon as you taste it, you just want more ! 🙂

So, here is when my introspection started… Surrounded by spiritual beings, beautiful beaches, subtropical weather and an incredible wildlife…

I hope you will enjoy these pictures and the little video I’ve put together for you…

PS: we are pretty damn lucky to be where we are my friends !




IMG_0295IMG_0294 (1)IMG_0308IMG_098220120118-1110720IMG_0669IMG_0671IMG_1543IMG_1172IMG_1176 (2)



SKIES – SUNRISES – SUNSETS (colour palette)

IMG_0119IMG_1032IMG_1026IMG_1023IMG_0979IMG_0232IMG_1036 (1)IMG_1431IMG_1433



THE NATURE (check the video for more)


PS: if you come to Byron, please be clean and respectful. Respect the environment, Respect the locals, Respect the rules (it goes for surfing too!!) … And don’t be too fooled by all the spirituality around you (… it’s not always genuine … as you know sometimes, the least you have it, the more you show off! :-))

Cheers, x




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