City trip outfit


T-shirt: thrifted – Shorts: H&M – Hat: Kooringal – Sunnies: Epokhe – Bag: Zara (old) – Shoes: Gaimo ‘Aran’ 

Holidays vibe …

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE espadrilles ! If I had to choose one shoe style amongst all, it would be espadrilles !

It reminds me of times spent in Europe, especially in France and Spain…

They are so comfy, they give your outfit a ‘laid-back’ finish but they are also very good if, like me, you love walking hundreds of Kilometers in European Cities.

That makes me thinking: I am planning on going to Europe next year… woohoo !!! I’ll go to my home country Belgium for sure (the reason is: I have a lovely wedding to attend), then Italy maybe and if possible Portugal and Spain too! All I hope is to have enough time to visit it all.

Well,  for sure when I go,  I’ll have these beauties with me ! They’re too cosy to be left out!

Take care !




Photos Credits: Melissa Pilot


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